Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revelation 1-6 Quiz

by K

1.     In what modern day country are the seven churches of Revelation located, and in what order are they listed?

2.     What are two interpretations of the seven churches that biblical scholars debate about?

3.     What is Christ’s warning to the Ephesians, and what does it mean that their lamp stand would be taken from them?
That they left their first love.  They are doing great works with patience but they lost their focus on how it’s all about their love for Christ.  They are going through the motions, being churchy, and it’s not from the heart anymore.  The lamp stand being taken away means that they are becoming a dead church.  Doesn’t mean the people in it aren’t saved, just that their works are dead.  James says works without faith is dead. He goes on to say in verses 7 and 8 that He sees that they reject the deeds of the apostates, the Nicolatans, and He’s happy for that, and that they have already eaten from the tree of life.  So the Ephesian church does have saved people in it.  It’s just that they are going through the motions and the church is becoming dead—very similar to Christian churches all over America.

4.     What is Christ’s warning to the church at Pergasus?

5.     Of the seven churches, only two had no indictments against them.  Christ’s message to them is complimentary and suggests, be patient and wait.  Which of these seven are these two churches?
Smyrna and Philadelphia

6.     What is Christ’s warning to the church of Laodicea?
That they are neither hot nor cold but luke warm and He will spit them out.

7.     Which church does Christ warn about being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm, and He will spit them out?  What does He mean by this warning, and why is the example of lukewarm water, along with the eye salve, used with this city?
Laodicea.  They had water piped in from the Meditereanian which got neither hot nor cold.

8.     “I stand at the door and knock.” What do people usually use this verse for, and what was intended for it to mean in the context to the church of Laodicea?
It makes a great salvation invitation but it’s meant for the Laodiceans are already believers. He’s telling them that they only need to open that door to the Holy Spirit to wake them up.

9.     Give a map of Revelations—what is generally discussed…use the following as a guideline

The seven churches
Early Church
Events in Heaven
Immediately after the Rapture
Events on earth (1st six seals)
From the first day after the Rapture through the first 3 ½ years of the tribulation
Time out to explain the multitude (7th seal)
Midpoint of the tribulation
Events on earth (1st four trumpets)
Second half of the tribulation

10. Which position is most widely held regarding the Rapture—pretribulation, midtribulation or post tribulation?

11. In Rev 4:1, which describes a trumpet going off in Heaven, what do scholars say this trumpet sound lines up with?
The trumpet in 1 Thes 4:16 which describes the Rapture. This is how scholars believe that the events of chapter 4 and 5 take place immediately following the Rapture

12. In Rev 4, John says there are 24 elders wearing white robes. Who do most scholars believe these 24 elders to be?
The 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles – so they represent the saints from the Old and the New Testaments

13. What happens when the seventh seal is opened, and when the seventh trumpet is sounded?
The seventh seal opening reveals the seven trumpets; and the seventh trumpet sounding reveals the seven vials (sometimes called bowls)

14. When do the four horsemen of the apocalypse show up, describe them, and what they mean.
As each of the first four seals are broken, a new horseman shows up. They represent the changes that take place on earth for the period immediately following the rapture through the mid-tribulation. They come in this order:
Horse Color
bow with no arrows
A warrior who conquers the world without war but with negotiations.
a great sword
Represents violence—people of the world begin to turn on each other
a pair of balances in his hand
Represents famine – the violence leads to famine
Hell follows behind him
Death – famine leads to death

15. With the fifth seal (Revelations 6:9-11), John sees these souls under and alter crying out and Jesus speaks to them.  Who are they, and what do the white robes given to them represent?
These are the souls of believers who were martyred during the first half of the tribulation. Most scholars believe the white robes given to them represent Christ’s covering of their sins with His righteousness.

16. The last part of Chapter Six describes what happens with the six seal and has darkened skies, earthquakes, volcanoes, and armies from the north that are destroyed by volcanoes--- what is all of that?
Scholars debate, but some say an asteroid. Then the armies attacking Israel from the north and destroyed by volcanoes are pointed out come at an opportune time for the Antichrist at the midpoint of the tribulation where he can take credit for it, call himself God, and be allowed to take control of the sacred temple which is prophesied will be desecrated by the antichrist at the midpoint of the tribulation.

17. Who are the 144,000?
They are 12,000 from each tribe of Israel who were not believers before the Rapture, but become believers in the first half of the tribulation.  They are now witnesses and go out across the earth and witness to everyone else.  Then Chapter 7 is all about the people who get saved during the tribulation (these are the multitude).

18. Describe the first four trumpets

Hail and fire
Vegetation burns up
A great mountain with fire falls into the sea
Something falls from the sky into the sea and poisons the sea
Something bright comes down onto the rivers and fountains
Something bright from the sky poisons the fresh water supplies
1/3 of the sun moon stars smitten
Something in the atmosphere cuts down on the light

19. In Revelation 8:13, why the angel say “woe” three times?

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