Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Old Testament Cornerstone of the Gospel

by K


I love this chapter.

It's the cornerstone of our faith.  And to think it was written down by Isaiah 700 years before Christ was born!!!  Not only does Isaiah describe Christ being physically broken and abused for us, he explains clearly that in doing so, he is bearing the burden for our sicknesses. I learned from the bibletrack.org commentary that many of the english translations of verse 4 tends to make it sound like this verse is speaking of the spiritual burden, but that if you look at the Hebrew word used and how it was translated into Greek before translated into English, it was poorly transitioned from a physical type of a burden to a spiritual type of burden, when actually, verse 4 is clearly explaining how Christ suffered greatly on a physical level.

Then in verse 5, Isaiah begins to explain the spiritual burden Christ took on by taking our sins with Him on the cross.  He clearly explains how lost we all are - like sheep gone astray.  And God took our iniquities and laid it on Christ and then rejected Christ at the cross. 

Wow.  If that doesn't totally prove our faith.  This whole Gospel isn't a storyline invented in New Testament times.  It was prophecies centuries earlier and then the prophecy came to life and became fulfilled.  I wish people would get that!!!

When I first grabbed hold of my faith, I think it was knowing this piece (that prophet predicted all the stuff that happened to Jesus way before Jesus walked the earth with his disciples) which gave me confidence that the truth I'm grabbing hold of was real!

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