Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who Washed Jesus's Feet With Oil

I learned something about the washing of Jesus's feet in ointment.  I was confused a bit by the mention of the woman's name, Mary, and realizing that here in John 12, this party was taking place to celebrate Lazerus coming back to life and that Martha was serving, and Mary was the one anointing Jesus's feet.  So it was Martha's sister, Mary-- that Mary that did this.

This was a puzzle to me at first because I always through about this story from another gospel as the woman being a sinner and using her tears to wash his feet.  Now I know all of us are sinners but I recalled there was specific emphasis on the degree of the woman's repentance of her sins through her tears.

Turns out--this is a separate occasion.  That one I recalled was in Luke 7 and took place earlier in Christ's ministry.  This occasion is actually with Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazerus, and it is that Mary who anointed Chrit's feet with oil.

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